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Hardback, 96 pages,
69 photographs
260 x 290mm
ISBN: 978-1-904587-40-8


Introduction by Geoff Dyer

This is a revised and updated edition of Martin Parr’s classic book which was first published in 1996. Copies of the original edition of Small World are now avidly sought by collectors and demand a high premium.

It is a biting, very funny satire in which Parr looks at tourism worldwide, exposing the increasingly homogenous ‘global culture’ where in the search for different cultures those same cultures are destroyed. The issues that Parr raised a decade ago when the book was first published are even more relevant today.

Whilst Parr’s larger-than-life troupe of tourists appear willing participants in an omnipresent consumer culture they are also bemused victims – at the mercy of larger social forces and locked into their insatiable craving for spectacle. Small World‘s citizens become a symbol of western society’s prosperous freedoms, declaring their power and their rights to travel, to choose and to consume.

A member of the prestiguous MAGNUM photo agency Martin Parr is one of the best known photographers in the world today. He has published innumerable books and his work has been exhibited and published worldwide.

From Our House To Your House
Selected by Martin Parr

‘Warm, funny and frequently hilarious – a wonderful collection of cards celebrating the American Christmas.’

Leading photographer Martin Parr, author of the highly successful ‘Boring Postcards’ has put together another wonderful book from his personal collection of cards. This time he celebrates the American Christmas card. These are a fascinating eye-opener into American culture, as proud families everywhere (pets included) pose before the camera to send their Christmas greetings across the nation.

MAGNUM photographer Martin Parr’s work features in newspapers and magazines worldwide and has been exhibited in every continent. His project ‘Common Sense’ was exhibited simultaneously in more than 40 venues and his current retrospective exhibition is touring until 2004. A dedicated collector of cards, his books ‘Boring Postcards’, ‘Boring Postcards USA’ and ‘Langweilige Postkarten’ have been major publishing successes worldw

£10.99 hardback
96 pages, 80 photographs
170mm x 170mm
ISBN: 1-899235-34-5

Available USA $16.95


£12.99 hardback ($24.00)
108mm x 154mm
120 pages, 48 colour plates
ISBN: 1-899235-72-8

Martin Parr
Introduced by Marvin Heiferman

This is an unusual and hilarious book. For the last few years, when Martin Parr has travelled on assignment he has had his picture taken by a local studio photographer, or street photo-grapher, or in a photo booth. The result is a wonderfully varied portfolio of portraits ranging from elaborate studio sets reminiscent of the heyday of the Victorian studio photographer, through to digitally manipulated images of Parr as Mr Universe, and images which have been horrendously re-touched in the studio’s efforts to flatter Parr and make him appear twenty years younger. As with all Parr’s projects the book is not only hilarious but also raises broader issues of identity and self, questioning the whole notion of the photographic portrait.


£25.00 hardback ($50.00)
206mm x 300mm
160 pages
158 colour photographs
ISBN: 1-899235-07-8

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Common Sense
Martin Parr

Internationally recognised as a brilliant satirist of contemporary life Martin Parr has led the development of the British documentary tradition with wit, style, and intelligence in a career that boasts numerous publications and exhibitions. His work is held by major galleries and museums worldwide.

Common Sense combines extravagantly lurid and luscious colour with Parr’s trademark sense of irony. Though hilariously funny – as always with Parr’s work – there is a sharp and biting edge to the humour.

The launch of this extraordinary book was celebrated by simultaneous exhibitions in more than 40 different cities world-wide including making it probably the largest exhibition of work ever held by one artist – a truly global project.

£25.00 hardback ($45.00)
ISBN: 1-899235-05-1
96 Pages
69 colour photos
260mm x 290mm

The Last Resort
Martin Parr
text by Ian Walker

'If I had to put money on any of this year's photography books becoming a classic, The Last Resort would be it.'
– David Lee, Arts Review, August 1986.

'Quite why Parr's normally agreeable sense of humour has been replaced by such a savage, almost disgusted viewpoint, is hard to fathom' – Robert Morris, British Journal of Photography, August 1986

Martin Parr's classic 1986 book Last Resort remains hugely controversial. Described by some as cruel and voyeuristic, and by others as a stunning satire on the state of Britain, it established him as one of the world's most influential and admired photographers and revolutionised documentary photography in Britain.

£25.00 hardback
ISBN: 1-899235-05-1
96 Pages
69 colour photos
260mm x 290mm

Small World
Martin Parr

By the year 2000 tourism will be the biggest industry in the world. In this biting, very funny satire Martin Parr looks at tourism worldwide, exposing an increasingly homogeneous "global culture" where in the search for different cultures those same cultures are destroyed. Parr's larger-than-life troupe of tourists are ultimately bemused victims of consumerism, locked into the late twentieth century's insatiable craving for spectacle. These Small World citizens become symbols of the freedoms of Western prosperity; declaring their power and their right to travel, to choose and, above all, to consume.

Small World is introduced by the travel writer and film-maker Simon Winchester.

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